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Burtronics Business Systems

Building Better Businesses Since 1863: From Books to 3D Printers

We are proud to have over 150 years of service to Inland Empire businesses. We are a critical part of our community’s history spanning three centuries through thick and thin. Our mission is to increase productivity and decrease costs for businesses in the Inland Empire while providing complete, responsive

It started with a simple service, selling books as Barnum’s Bookstore. Within 25 years we evolved into Barnum's Stationary Company in 1890. As technology evolved, so did our business. In 1916 we merged to become Barnum & Flagg, then Martin Business Machines in 1950, when 3Ms Thermofax copiers (known as ‘The Secretary’) were all the rage.


In 1985 we changed our name to Burtronics Business Systems and we have continued to evolve and provide expert service with grace and ease.
Throughout the entire history of Burtronics Business Systems heritage one aspect has persisted: we help people through outstanding service. As business technology evolved, Burtronics continued to evolve with embracing new technology and supporting new lines of business including phone systems, digital technology, and state-of-the-art business automation systems.


We are a leader in the Inland Empire in the digital information industry and positioned to partner with any business to create efficiencies, boost productivity, and save money. We’re here to help, whether you’re paperbound, digital, or already in the cloud.

Contact us today for any technology needs you have, we’re happy to chat and help your business grow to its full potential.

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