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Why Having A Multifunction Copier System Is Essential?

A multifunction copier system provides the functionality of many devices in one unit. Multifunction copiers are essential for business.

  • Cut costs, and save energy.

  • Centralized database for data includes:

    • Stored and printed documents​

    • Data communications such as faxing and emailing

  • Increase productivity by simplifying data and document sharing for your organization and clients.


Importance of a Multifunction Copier System

The business environment today is more complex than ever. With remote workers, shared documents in the cloud, and mobile connectivity requirements there is a growing need to simplify things. You need a multifunction copier that keeps everyone connected and moving forward.


The Benefits of a Multifunction Copier System

Since there are many multifunction copier systems available, deciding which one is the best for you can be quite difficult. However, we'll guide you through the process and help you find the right multifunction copier system for your organization:

Office Equipment Repair Becomes Considerably Cheap

With Burtronics Business Systems, we offer full maintenance and service packages as well as fully managed print services. This increases an office's overall productivity and decreases the costs significantly. 

You Don't have to Buy, Manage and Expand Multiple Machines

Imagine you have to buy multiple copiers, fax machines, scanners, printers. These will take a considerable amount of space and will become exceedingly hard to manage. However, a multifunction copier reduces the space you need considerably and provides more functionality within a smaller foot print.

Reduced Chances of Mismanagement or Loss of Data

With highly distributed systems, the chances of mismanagement increase considerably. However, a single multifunction copier machine that provides everything in one place and keeps track of it is more manageable. The room for any inconvenience or discrepancies is decreased significantly since all the employees or managers know that everything they need would be in one place.

Allows Better Coordination and Cooperation Between Employees

Copier manufacturers keep improving the product with more advanced features so you can complete just about any task. From stapling to sorting to double-sided copies and more. If your multifunction printer will be receiving confidential faxes or have restricted access, you will want built-in security. Some devices can be locked and require a code for use. If you are receiving confidential faxes, the faxes can be stored and locked until the code is entered. 

Office Copier Machine

You may be wondering if you should buy or lease an office copier for your business? As a business owner or manager, your major responsibility is to ensure that your staff has the necessary facilities to carry out their respective jobs happily and efficiently. 

One of these facilities includes an office copier machine. An office copier machine, also known as a photocopier or printer, is a machine that allows you to print and copy documents and images, quickly and at an affordable rate.

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