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What are Mobile Shredding Services?

We offer mobile document shredding services. You don’t have to go anywhere with your documents to destroy them. We will come to your office and provide paper shredding services. All you have to do is to get in touch with us, and we will take care of the rest.

Purpose of a Shredding Service

Your organization's documentation can be extremely sensitive, and unauthorized access to that documentation could lead to several complications and even compromise an organization's security and integrity, its employees, or the customers. Our Shredding service exists to help companies manage this risk and remain compliant.

Understanding this service in depth

All the documents are gathered by a Burtronics company employee that collects the documents in a secure way. All of the documents are then destroyed safely, and a certificate of destruction can be provided.

How Mobile Shredding Services Work?

Mmobile shredding services safely and securely destroy your sensitive data:

Your Company is paid a Visit Regularly

Every business operates on a different schedule and requires different levels of service. With our flexible mobile shredding service these visits can be one time visits or regularly scheduled.

Documents are Secured in Locked Containers

The first step for secure shredding is to secure the documents in proper (and safe containers). Our on-site shred bins are specially designed so no one can open them up or access them without having the key. This step ensures the containers' integrity and ensures that no data is retrieved or shared by anyone without authorization.

All the Paper is Shredded and Destroyed

Once the documentation is collected, it's taken to our mobile shredding truck and shredded on site.

You are Provided with Destruction Certificates

Once the shredding has been completed, you are provided with destruction certificates that give you the details of all the documents that have been shredded.. These destruction certificates can be kept as a record for future reference.

Mobile Shredding Services Benefits

A mobile shredding service will provide you with many benefits:

➜ No Need to buy Complex Equipment or Hire Full-time.

If you aim to shred paper properly, it will require equipment, and you will have to hire people for this job. Save time and money with Burtronics Business Systems. Our trained professionals are experienced and ready to provide the level of service your require for your confidential documents.

➜ Save time

Free up time for you and your staff. Just give us a call and we will do the rest. 

➜ Confidential

With Burtronics mobile paper shredding service. You can rest assured knowing professionals are taking care of your document destruction. Butronics will provide you with destruction certificates to assure you everything has been taken care of and your privacy and security is fully ensured. You will have the peace of mind that all documents have been destroyed and no one will be able get confidential information from your documents. 

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