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Want To Boost Your Office Productivity? Use These 15 Techniques!

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Learn 15 Ways You Can Use To Boost Your Productivity When Working

Every moment of your life is precious. Focus on getting more done in your working hours, so you can have more free time to enjoy life.

Every day has 24 hours, so it's essential that you make the most of every moment. You can increase your output two different ways. One, you can just put more hours in (until you fall asleep at your desk at midnight). Two, you can work smarter. I can't speak for you, but I certainly like the work smarter option better.

Getting more productivity out of your work isn't difficult, although it does mean you need to be more deliberate in terms of managing your time. Keep reading to learn 15 simple techniques that actually work in terms of boosting your productivity when you're at work.

1) Track The Time You Spend On Tasks, And Limit It:

You might think you know just how much time you spend on particular tasks. Then again, there is research that indicates only 17 percent of all professionals can estimate their passage of time with any kind of accuracy. Take notes on what you spend your time doing and you might be surprised.

2) Take Breaks Regularly:

It might sound counterintuitive, but you can boost your concentration with scheduled breaks. If you take short breaks while doing a longer task, research shows that you'll keep a more consistent performance level. On the other hand, sticking with a task without any breaks means a steadily declining performance.

3) Impose Your Own Deadlines:

We typically think of stress as something bad, but you can actually give yourself a boost if you self-impose a deadline that helps you focus and adhere to a specific goal. If you have open-ended projects or tasks, consider assigning yourself a deadline and then sticking with it. You might be shocked to find out just how productive and focused you might be if you're watching the clock.

4) Adhere To The 2-Minute Rule:

Steven Olenski is a successful entrepreneur, and he advocates for the 2-minute rule if you want to maximize your productivity when you have narrow windows of time to get some work done. The idea is simple. When you see something that can absolutely be done in under 2 minutes, then do it right away. Olenski claims that finishing a task immediately will involve less time than returning to it later on. Implementing this rule in his own life has made him a very influential content strategist in the online world.

5) Meetings: Just Say No!

Meetings are something that suck up a lot of your time. Still, we keep booking them without reservation. Then we go to them. Eventually, we wind up complaining about them. Atlassian says that the typical office worker winds up spending more than 31 unproductive hours per month in meetings. Before you sign up for another meeting, stop and ask yourself what you might accomplish if you did the same things by phone, email, or online meeting. Any of these might be more productive, even if slightly.

6) Have Standing Meetings:

If there's a meeting that you have to have, consider the research suggesting standing meetings have more benefit. The name isn't mysterious. A standing meeting is just a meeting where people stand up throughout the event. It should boost arousal while minimizing territoriality. That always enhances group performance. If you have to have a sitting meeting, try out unusual ways of spurring creativity during your meetings.

7) Stop Multitasking:

While we usually think of our capacity to multitask as a crucial skill in terms of boosting efficiency, it's probably quite the opposite that holds true. Psychologists have discovered that trying to do multiple things at once can create lost productivity and even waste time. Rather, get into the habit of sticking with a single task before you move onto other projects.

8) Make The Most Of Your Commute:

Author Miranda Marquit suggests you take advantage of any bonus time you might get, waiting for the train or waiting in the line at the bank. Rather than spending time on Facebook or Candy Crush, crank out a few emails, do a bit of brainstorming, or just make a to-do list for the day.

9) Avoid The Idea Of Perfection:

Many entrepreneurs get caught up on trying to perfect a particular task, when in fact, nothing can ever be perfect. Instead of wasting time trying to chase this illusion, stick to your task the best you can, get it done, and then just move on. Finish what's on your plate so you can create space for other things. If you have to, you can revisit things later for adjustments or improvements.

10) Get Some Exercise:

You can possibly boost your productivity if you exercise during your work time. That's according to one study that the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine published. If you can, build some set times into your weekly schedule for hitting the gym or just taking a quick walk. Just getting some blood pumping might be all you need to regain your focus with a clear head.

11) Act Proactively Instead Of Reactively:

If you let inbound emails and phone calls to dictate the course of your day, then you'll spend most of the day putting fires out. In fact, it might be all that you get done. Peter Dasyme is a friend of mine, and a business partner. He likes to tell everyone that they should set time specifically for responding to emails rather than let them driving the course of their day. Start each day with a specific plan of attack before sticking with it.

12. Disable Notifications:

No one can possibly always resist the allure of notifications for texts, voicemails, and emails. When you're in work hours, disable the notifications. Rather, stick to specific times for checking emails and your messages. This is just another extension of being proactive instead of reactive, just in case you skipped the last one.

13. Use 90-Minute Work Intervals:

Florida State University researchers discovered that elite performers, such as musicians, athletes, and chess players, that work in intervals less than 90 minutes enjoy more productivity than people working in stretches more than 90 minutes.

14. Have Something Nice You Can Look At:

It might sound kind of crazy, but research does show that aesthetically and visually pleasing elements, such as plants, might boost your productivity as much as 15 percent. Spiffy up your workspace with flowers, candles, pictures, and anything else you find a source of comfort and joy.

15. Minimize Your Interruptions:

It might seem okay to have colleagues drop into your office for a quick chat, but even the briefest of interruptions can change your work patterns. Your productivity will drop as a result. You might have to work from home when you have time-sensitive tasks. Also consider closing your door and set office hours. All these can help you minimize interruptions.

If you think you need to boost your work productivity, don't fall for the temptation of cramming more into your already dense schedule or putting in more hours. Rather, step back, and look for ways to work smarter instead of harder.

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Asmo Lab
Asmo Lab
Jul 25, 2021

We may think we know all the tips and tricks but there's always room for improvement ! Review, practice and practice again... And thanks for sharing !

We're big fans of productivity in our team, we even wrote about it, hope it helps too:

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