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Tips for Managing a Remote Workforce Using a VoIP Phone Service

Many businesses these days have a bunch of employees that work away from the main headquarters. If any role within the company can be fulfilled from the comforts of home, there is a growing list of reasons to allow employees to work from home, instead of coming into the office. To properly manage your remote workforce, you can use VoIP phone service.

In this article, we will briefly discuss what VoIP is while mainly focusing on how you can effectively manage your workforce with it.

What is VoIP?

VoIP is the short form of the voice-over-internet protocol. To put it simply, this means making phone calls over the internet. We talk to our friends and families every day using mobile apps like Messenger, WhatsApp, etc. These are also considered VoIP calls.

However, that’s not what we are talking about here. In businesses, VoIP phones involve a more complicated structure. You will need IP phones, a VoIP service provider, and a high-speed stable internet connection. VoIP phones are essential in a business where there is a remote workforce.

VoIP phones are much cheaper and packed with features suitable for managing a remote workforce such as call centers, financial institutions, e-commerce sites, etc. Any business where customers contact service providers using telephones, VoIP phones are the way to go.

7 Tips to Manage Your Remote Workforce Using VoIP Phones

There are some tips and tricks to significantly enhance the performance of your team. Here are 7 tips to make the most of your VoIP phones when managing your remote workforce:

1. Train Your Employees

VoIP phones are packed with features. Manufacturers include these features for better convenience. However, your employees must also know the features, how and when to use them.

Features like call waiting, call transfer, audio conference, etc. can provide better customer service and boost your business in turn. But to avail of these features, make sure your employees are trained up to the mark.

2. Seek Customer Support

Using VoIP initially can seem difficult, but Burtronics provides staff training to help ease the transition. So do not hesitate to contact the customer care service. Provide your workforce with customer care contact details and tell them to seek their assistance any time they need it.

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3. Integrate with Mobile Apps

Burtronics VoIP provides cell phone apps on both android and iOS platforms. Your employees can perform all the functions from the mobile app, just like when sitting in front of a computer or IP phone. This ensures seamless productivity even on the go.

As a part of a remote workforce, your employees are not likely to sit on a desk with a landline phone in front of them all the time. Using a mobile app can ease things up for your employees while keeping the workflow going.

4. Voice Continuity Feature

VoIP phones work using the internet or mobile data. If the internet connection drops, this can cause call drops which may not be an issue for average consumers. But this can be very irritating for customers trying to reach your employees over the phone.

Voice continuity feature allows seamless voice call connection despite interruptions. The call is immediately transferred to another network-enabled device or mobile data network . This prevents any inconvenience occurring to the customer and maintains the reputation of your business.

5. Arrange Audio Conference

Audio conferencing is a key part of any group, whether a group of coworkers, students, colleagues, clients or vendors. Arranging audio conferences has never been easier thanks to VoIP phones. You won't need any separate provider or hardware for making group calls. You can convert any normal call to a group conference with just a press of a button.

Use this feature every once in a while, to keep in touch with your employees. For any direction regarding the business model or workforce, audio conferencing can be your best bet for managing the remote workforce.

6. Call Recording

Call recording is a very important feature for any B2C business model. Everything you or your employees say to your customer over the telephone can prove to be extremely valuable in legal matters. Some industries have compliance laws requiring the recording of every call.

You may also need to record your employees while they are at the work to make sure they are doing their jobs correctly. Call recording is a powerful feature for such proceedings. Get this feature and use it to help improve your business.

7. Combined Communications

You don’t necessarily have to stick to a land phone or computer to use VoIP phones. A combined or unified communication feature allows the user, your workforce in this case, to use any device at their disposal for communication.

It can be a land phone, laptop, desktop computer, or mobile phone. This increases the work efficiency by quite a bit. If the laptop needs charging, they can switch to a mobile phone. If the mobile phone needs charging, they can use a desktop computer or land phone.

How Using VoIP Can Boost Your Business

Using VoIP has many advantages over cell phones or land phones. Here are some reasons why your business can shine by using VoIP phone service:

High Productivity

Removing obstacles in the way of work can increase work efficiency. It's very obvious. If you cannot do something the way you want to do it, or if there is any hampering or obstacle; you are very likely to not properly focus on that work and it will take you more time to complete the task at hand.

By using a VoIP phone, not only can your employees enjoy their home life while working, but also can easily convey any instruction or information to the corresponding party with ease. Convenience in balancing work and life means more focus on work when the time comes.

Low Cost

Using a VoIP phone is incredibly low cost. You will need an internet connection, and a subscription plan.

Considering all the features, there is no better alternative to manage your remote workforce than VoIP phones. The low cost keeps your overall expenditure lower, which adds up to the year-end revenue.

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Easy Monitoring

You can easily monitor everything going on within your remote workforce. As they are using VoIP phones, many providers offer a feature to record calls and call reporting. You can pull a detailed call list anytime to monitor your employees.


The popularity of VoIP phone systems is increasing every day and rightfully so. It has so many beneficial aspects over traditional land phones that can dramatically impact the outcome of any business.

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